Early detection of breast cancer drastically increases survival rates, leading to healthier, longer lives. However, despite reduced mortality rates in recent years, a worrying rise in diagnoses among women under 55, particularly in Saudi Arabia where 50% of cases are detected late, reveals a significant issue. The primary cause is a marked decrease in routine screenings.

Our objective is to address this decline. Understanding the impediments to regular screening is crucial; these range from lack of awareness and misconceptions to procedural fears and logistical complexities. These barriers aren’t exclusive to Saudi women but pervade globally. The primary aim of our study is to improve the screening experience and encourage regular participation, especially among women under 55.

By employing new technologies and strategies, we hope to increase screening adoption and promote health equity among women. Our approach involves understanding the reasons for screening avoidance and addressing these concerns to streamline the process. We aim for a proactive stance on women’s health, which will also reduce strain on healthcare systems.

Your participation in our survey will contribute invaluable insights to shape more accessible, user-centric screening programs. To learn more about the research, please download the Participant Information Sheet.

Let’s collectively enhance the breast cancer screening experience and ensure early detection for all women.